I love my boobs!
Pink Bra Bazaar is a charity dedicated to breast health
and supporting women with breast cancer.

About us

Nobody knows your body better than you do and
at Pink Bra Bazaar we help you take care of it.
No one knows my body better than I do.

…to sing, recite, whisper and repeat every day …
Breast Health Program
Our breast health progam promotes the role of lifestyle choices in reducing the risk of breat cancer for people of all genders and all ages.

“I Love My Boobs” is more than a slogan. It’s an attitude and it’s a commitment.
My Boob Book
To help you take care of your breast health, we have created My Boob Book. This essential guide will help you understand breast anatomy and breast development, and teach you step-by- step how to perform a breast self-exam and how to reduce your risk for breast cancer.
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